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Financial Aid Programs
FAFSA is the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid. This is the online application for the Pell grant. You must use Montage Academy’s school code to allow the school to receive your results (School Code: 041953). We strongly suggest using the IRS Data Retrieval Process. (Instructions are in your FA packet)

If you plan to attend school between 07/01/2017-06/30/2018 please fill out 2017/18 FAFSA.

Student Loans
You are entitled to receive student loans to assist in paying for your educational expenses at Montage Academy. The Academy uses Direct Loans to help students finance their education. The federal government provides a number of loan programs intended to help students and parents finance the cost of education. Most of these programs are not credit based and feature a lower interest rate then private loans or credit cards with a more flexible repayment plan. Qualification for Direct Loans is dependent on financial need and level of education of the applicant.

The loan limits can be found at

Amounts will vary by program length and credits needed to be completed. Speak to your Financial Aid director for guidance.

Terms and conditions of student loans and how to stay in good standing can be found at

Repayment information and sample tables for students to plan repayments can be found at


At this time, Montage Academy does not offer any internal scholarship programs. But you still may apply for outside scholarships available in the community. For a list of recommended scholarships please see the financial aid department.

Veterans Benefits

We at Montage Academy, are happy that you are interested in attending or have already been accepted to one of our beauty programs. Our programs are approved by the VA so that you may use your benefits to help fund your tuition, fees, books and supplies. In general, you, as the Veteran, must apply to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs with a form 22-1990 (paper application which is mailed to the VA Regional Processing Office at 400 South 18th Street, St. Louis, MO 63103) or apply on line through, so that it is acknowledged by the VA that you wish to use your benefits at our school. If you have used your benefits at a prior school, you will need to fill out a 22-1995 (Change of Program/Place of Training) or request the change on line to let the VA know that you are transferring to a different educational facility or are working on a new degree. In general, a copy of your Letter of Eligibility (received from the VA after processing is completed) should be brought to the Certifying Official, in financial aid to make sure that it becomes part of your permanent file and that you are certified correctly.

All but two of the Veteran benefit programs will pay a check directly to you, the Veteran, in a monthly allowance (based on the number of credit hours you are taking per term). The two programs that pay some or all of your benefits to the school are Vocational Rehabilitation (VA/VR) and The Post 911 GI-Bill. The Post 911 Benefit pays tuition & fees to the school and a monthly allowance to the Veteran. With any of your Veteran’s benefits, you are eligible to apply for additional money through Title IV funding (Pell grant, Direct Stafford Loans at, scholarships, PLUS Direct Loans and private student loans. These forms of additional money will not reduce your GI Benefits.

Montage Academy has agreed to Executive Order 13607 “Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans, Spouses, and Other Family Members.”

To review the different types of Veterans’ Benefits to help determine which you might qualify for, please see the VA website

Exit Counseling

Montage Academy requires graduates to complete exit counseling for their Title IV loans. The Academy will provide guidance during this online counseling session, and will also provide a paper form that can be filled out at the Academy upon request or need. This counseling will help the student to understand their rights and requirements for paying back student loans.

To complete Counseling the student must log in with their FSA ID and print the electronic signature at the end to give to Montage Academy, or schedule and appointment with the Financial Aid Director

Contact Debra Neiman for any financial aid questions at 303-776-8110 ext. 206

Financial Aid Tools


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